The housefly the most annoying insect ever

Life cycle[ edit ] Houseflies mating Each female housefly can lay up to eggs in a lifetime, in several batches of about 75 to The eggs are white and are about 1. Within a day, larvae maggots hatch from the eggs; they live and feed where they were laid. The larvae avoid light; the interiors of heaps of animal manure provide nutrient-rich sites and ideal growing conditions, warm, moist, and dark.

The housefly the most annoying insect ever

A sample of diseases caused by mosquitoes: Their buzz is annoying. Have killed more people than any other creature on the planet. Leave extremely itchy bites. In conclusion, they do no good whatsoever and only cause problems.

They suck blood and give desease I want them no more Yes because they itch they give u a red bump on you it drives you nuts it can also get big and red like really big the buzz in you ear they come in summer so be carefull of these little guys. V 61 Comments 2 Flies Mosquitos are dumb, they always choose us as prey despite the fact that we have much greater opportunity to kill them than any other large mammal.

Due to our hands. Flies, on the other hand, are bloody disgusting and impossible to catch without a flyswatter. And to make things all the better, they contain tons of bacteria inside them and considering I have a HUGE flesh wound, I tend to keep away from them.

Gulp Bees are rather gentle creatures. Yes they may be annoying.

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Wasps on the other hand But I guess we need them if we want flowers and vegetation. I hate their ugly bodies buzzing around V 29 Comments 4 Ants Ants are eusocial insects of the family Formicidae and, along with the related wasps and bees, belong to the order Hymenoptera.

One time I was doing work in my yard with my mom and she handed me a big bush to throw away. But a fire ant colony or some other kind of ant apparently lived in that bush and I got stung a bunch on my arm.

It hurt and it looked like I had chicken pox on just my arm. They are annoying and stupid. They get in your house and steal some bits of food you have on the ground. A lot of ants keep crawling on my body and bite me, I have a lot of ant bites now.

These evil creatures are everywhere around my house!

The housefly the most annoying insect ever

V 7 Comments 5 Ticks Oh my gosh yes! They are super hard to kill, and they can be hard to catch, they get into everywhere and they are so small and hard to find, Their bites affect you really bad and they are the reason why your dog is itching so much besides fleas SCREW THEM!

Just too grossed out by the picture - Destroyar Ticks are so bad V 8 Comments 6 Spiders While many say spiders are freaky creatures who want to kill us all, A world without spiders would be a living hell.

Which Insect is the most annoying?

Insects would eat our crops and starve us. That is not an insect! V 3 Comments 7 Cockroaches They are super gross I remember when I was vacationing in our rental in Florida, we would find at least five cockroaches everyday! They are the most gross creatures to ever live and they are pretty hard to kill!

At least saw 4 roaches this weekWhat is the most annoying insect?

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thanks to this device, there was a real «Housefly Holocaust!!!» at his place. Making a conclusion, we’ll say that this item works.4/5(5). So, what is the lifespan of a fly and how do you get rid of them?

The housefly the most annoying insect ever

Skip to Main Content. They are the rudest house guests you’ll ever be plagued with, and worst of all, they refuse to leave! Who are they?

They are Musca Domestica, the humble housefly, the most common insect that we humans interact with, accounting for 91% of all flies. From many years scientists are trying to study and understand the amazing flying capabilities of house flies. I am giving below some of the points in such a study.

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