The ambitious guest plot

Arthur Samuels The spirit of a twin which died during separation at birth returns to claim the life and body of the surviving brother. Not for the squeamish. This is a very powerful episode, and doesn't pull its punches in the struggle between living and dead brothers.

The ambitious guest plot

A History, said that "Zyed" was probably the codename of Ramzi Yousef. Zyed would then flee to KarachiPakistan after disembarking in Bangkok. After disembarking in Hong Kong, he would have fled to Karachi, Pakistan.

After disembarking in Hong Kong he would have escaped to Karachi. After disembarking in Taipei he would have escaped to Karachi.

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After arriving in Singapore, Obaida was to flee to Pakistan. Phase three would have involved Murad either renting, buying, or hijacking a small airplanepreferably a Cessna. The airplane would be filled with explosives. Murad had been trained as a pilot in North Carolinaand was slated to be a suicide pilot.

There were alternate plans to hijack a 12th commercial airliner and use that instead of the small aircraft, probably due to the Manila cell's growing frustration with explosives. Testing explosives in a house or apartment is dangerous, and it can easily give away a terrorist plot.

Khalid Sheik Mohammed probably made the alternate plan. A report from the Philippines to the United States on January 20, stated, "What the subject has in his mind is that he will board any American commercial aircraft pretending to be an ordinary passenger. Then he will hijack said aircraft, control its cockpit and dive it at the CIA headquarters.

In his confession to Filipino investigators, prior to the foiling of Operation Bojinka, Abdul Hakim Murad said that this part of the plot was dropped since the Manila cell could not recruit enough people to implement other hijackings.


This plot would eventually be the base plot for the September 11 attacks which involved hijacking commercial airliners, as opposed to small aircraft loaded with explosives, and crashing them into their intended targets.

However, only the World Trade Center which was destroyed and The Pentagon which suffered partial damage were hit. The fire was spotted at about 11 pm after residents complained about a strange odour. Edith Guerrera, the owner of the apartments, called the fire brigade, but the fire went out unassisted.

Yousef and Murad had told the firefighters to stay away before they fled.

The ambitious guest plot

Bautista and his men, including watch commander Aida D. Fariscaldecided to investigate the situation and saw four hot plates in their packing crates, what looked like cotton batting soaked in a beige solutionand loops of green, red, blue, and yellow electrical wiring.

The telephone rang, and the police ran downstairs, thinking that it was a trap. Seeking a search warrant, they left and asked 11 judges before finding one that would grant a warrant.

A Los Angeles Times article stated that the police deliberately set a fire to rouse the men out of their apartment. Murad initially tried to run away, but he was arrested after he tripped over a tree root. The arresting officer, having lost his handcuffs, improvised a solution by tying Murad's hands with the elastic cord taken from the officer's raincoat.Welcome to the results of the Theszies / Awards..

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Treemonisha () is an opera composed by the African-American composer Scott Joplin, most famous for his ragtime piano works. Though it encompasses a wide range of musical styles other than ragtime, and Joplin did not refer to it as such, it is sometimes incorrectly referred to as a "ragtime opera".

The music of Treemonisha includes an overture and prelude, along with various recitatives.

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