Revolutionizing the young male character in english theater in john osbornes look back in anger

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Revolutionizing the young male character in english theater in john osbornes look back in anger

Burgess - A Clockwork Orange Explanation of the novel's title Anthony Burgess wrote that the title was a reference to an alleged old Cockney expression "as queer as a clockwork orange ". It is possible, however, that Burgess invented the phrase as a play upon the expression "a work of pith and moment".

Burgess wrote in his later Nov. This title alludes to the protagonist's negatively conditioned responses to feelings of evil which prevent the exercise of his free will.

Point of view from one person A Clockwork Orange is written in first person perspective from a seemingly biased and unreliable source. Alex never justifies his actions in the narration, giving a good sense that he is somewhat sincere; a narrator who, as unlikeable as he may attempt to seem, evokes pity from the reader through the telling of his unending suffering, and later through his realization that the cycle will never end.

Alex's perspective is effective in that the way that he describes events is easy to relate to, even if the situations themselves are not. He uses words that are common in speech, as well as Nadsatthe speech of the younger generation.

Plot summary Part 1: Alex's world Set in dystopianthe novel opens with the introduction of protagonist, fifteen-year-old Alexwho, with his gang members known as "droogs" Dim, Georgie, and Pete, roam the streets at night, committing violent crimes " ultraviolence " for enjoyment.

Essentially, the first part of the novel is a character study of the protagonist.

Revolutionizing the young male character in english theater in john osbornes look back in anger

We learn that Alex and his "droogs" Russian for friends have their own language known as Nadsatand their own hierarchy, in which Alex is the leader. There is a general disregard for the law and for older generations — creating an image of a youth movement that is taking control of this fictional future.


This of course being the exaggeration of the concern that came with the changing values of the sin which teenagers were becoming decidedly more unruly and rebellious.

Part 1 involves Alex reflecting on his illegal activity which involves the rape of two year-old girls, and also the wife of writer F. It describes the treachery of his droogs, resulting in Alex's capture and prison sentence for murder.

The use of lyrical language and Nadsat somewhat masks the horrible imagery of Alex's actions, and, to some extent, Alex is able to draw empathy from the reader, through his friendly nature towards his audience referring to them as his "only friends," and to himself as "Your Humble Narrator," etc.

The Ludovico Technique After getting caught for his crimes Alex is sentenced to 14 years for murder. Alex gets a job as an assistant to the prison chaplain. He feigns an interest in religion, and amuses himself by reading the Bible for its lurid descriptions of "the old yahoodies Jews tolchocking beating each other", imagining himself taking part in "the nailing-in" the Crucifixion of Jesus.

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Alex hears about an experimental rehabilitation programme called "the Ludovico Technique ", which promises that the prisoner will be released upon completion of the two-week treatment, and will not commit crimes afterwards. Partially by taking part in the fatal beating of a cellmate, Alex manages to become the subject in the first full-scale trial of the Ludovico Technique.

The technique itself is a form of aversion therapyin which Alex is given a drug that induces extreme nausea while being forced to watch graphically violent films for two weeks.

Among the films shown are propaganda films such as Triumph of the Willwhich includes Alex's beloved Beethoven last movement of the 9th symphony.

Revolutionizing the young male character in english theater in john osbornes look back in anger

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