Reflection surgery and reflective practice

As a result of advances in nursing and medical knowledge, and reduced government spending which has led to a reduction in hospital beds, shorter hospital stays, and more rapid patient turnoversworkers in healthcare institutions are spending much more of their time dealing with acutely ill patients who require specialised care Usher et al This can cause feelings of concern or confusion, but we must also recognise that it offers us an opportunity to reconceptualise our profession by making it more responsive and reflective of the needs of society Lauder et al

Reflection surgery and reflective practice

This is a reflective essay based on my experience of participating in delivery of anaesthetic and surgical care to a patient undergoing abdominal hysterectomy under general and regional anaesthesia.

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I will be describing the process involved, my participation and contributions, what I learnt during the experience and how this gained knowledge will improve my professional competency.

Reflection is a way in which health professionals can bring theory into practice because reflection has a potential to uncover knowledge and promote action.

Reflection also promotes better clinical judgement. Need essay sample on A Reflective Essay on Surgical and The use of a recognised frame work allows for a more structured interpretation when reflecting upon practice Dyke, This is a reflective cycle which provides a straight forward and structured framework and encourages a clear description of the situation, analysis to make sense of the experience, conclusion where other options are considered and reflection upon experience to examine what the professional would do should the situation arise again.

Reflection surgery and reflective practice

It must be noted however that any reflective practice is reliant on memory and interpretation of events — selective memory is a particular problem especially following a negative event Newell, I will for the purpose of reflecting on this experience pay particular attention to the administration of epidural, the surgical scrubbing technique, accountability, and my roles as ODP in the above mentioned processes After deciding on hysterectomy as the topic for my learning contract, I had a discussion with my lead mentor, anaesthetic and surgical mentor on how best to give me the opportunity to be involved in two specific hysterectomy cases so that I can have both the anaesthetic and surgical assessment.

Then I set about getting materials; literatures from journals, internet, textbook, and discussion with my mentors, other senior colleagues and consultants. In the period of sourcing for this specific knowledge base I have learnt a lot about hysterectomy; types, choices, emotional implications, and alternatives and I can say this will really help me in my future role as a professional.

For the purpose of fulfilling this learning contract I assisted the anaesthetist in preparing the patient who is to undergo abdominal hysterectomy under general anaesthesia.

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And I was supervised by my anaesthetic mentor during this process. I earlier prepared the room, check the anaesthetic machine, set up the intravenous fluids ,brought out anaesthetic drugsprepare for difficult intubation and set up for epidural. I checked the patient in by confirming her name, date of birth, last time she had anything to drink or eat.

I was actually left alone to totally work with the anaesthetist without any contribution from my mentor.

Reflection surgery and reflective practice

The anaesthetist also showed me how to set up the PCA pump infusion for post operative pain relief which the patient will take to the recovery. The anaesthetist talked me through the epidural insertion which was later connected to the Epidural pump.

The experience was very good for my confidence and I also learnt the importance of preparing and be organised for the anaesthetic process; anything can happen in a split of a second.

Epidural On completing this learning contract I now know that the advantage of epidural over spinal anaesthesia is the ability to maintain continuous anaesthesia after placement of an epidural catheter, thus making it suitable for procedures of long duration. This feature also enables the use of this technique into the postoperative period for analgesia, using lower concentrations of local anaesthetic drugs or in combination with different agents.

Also I have a better understanding of the anatomy of the Epidural space, loss of resistance Arachnoid space, and Cerebrospinal fluid.

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I have also learnt about the potential complications of epidural e. Learning about the potential complications of epidural reinforced my knowledge in being able to choose the right anaesthetic monitoring equipment. Knowing that Spinal and epidural anaesthesia can cause unpredictable and profound arterial hypotension necessitate the use of adequate monitoring like the; Pulse oximetry, ECG and Blood pressure cuff.

This knowledge will help me to be able to select appropriate monitoring devices during epidural catheter insertion.Reflection or ‘reflective practice’ is a theory of knowledge acquisition predicated on the belief that learning occurs through deliberate and comprehensive thinking about a schema or activity, both during and after the performance of that activity.

1 Most descriptions of reflective practice postulate that a learner considers and ‘reflects. Visual Journaling as a Reflective Practice It's the reflection of what is just below the surface. Posted Apr 19, Reflective practice and critical thinking are often used interchangeably, but, while not identical, there is a reflexive relationship.

After all, as Lumby () explains: ‘to adopt a critical approach to the world, it is necessary to reflect on the world and one’s experiences in it’.

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Various academics have touched on reflective practice and experiential learning to a greater or lesser extent over the years, including Chris Argyris (the person who coined the term ‘double-loop learning’ to explain the idea that reflection allows you to step outside the ‘single loop’ of ‘Experience, Reflect, Conceptualise, Apply.

Developing skills to become more reflective requires analysis, practice and further analysis.


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