Polyglot project

With his eight years of working experience from international companies in different industries he focused on data management, integration and processing. Oleksiy orginally stems from Ukraine and has graduated with a Magister degree in Physics.

Polyglot project

I was talking to someone about this and he reckoned that there are perhaps two female polyglots like that in the US.

I think the reason female polyglots are not advertising themselves is because it's not a good idea. It's not seen as feminine to brag or boast and there is the controversial and wrong idea in some minds that female polyglots must be something like prostitutes in order to rack up the number of languages that they've learned.

I think this comes from the idea that a good and inexpensive Polyglot project to learn a language is to get a girlfriend and learn the language that way. Some men readily confess that they have learned multiple languages by dating women who spoke these languages.

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Of course, sometimes the language lessons lead to marriage and nobody really cares, but then there are the old spice men who have a girl in every port and leave a trail of broken hearts.

Just because men learn languages this way, doesn't mean that women do the same thing in a serial way. It's true that some women are looking for a guy who speaks English, but I don't think they are usually looking for multiple guys in multiple languages unless they are gold diggers.

I'm sure that some people will say I'm wrong, but I'm defending the modesty of intelligent women who like languages here. I want to say that some women also find languages fascinating.

Glossika shares a lot of interesting information with youtube viewers, but could a woman travel as easily as he can?

Just because of the nature of the world, women cannot travel freely and safely in every country. In some countries a woman travelling alone is suspect and a target for men who think that she must be a prostitute or destitute. Laoshu is interesting, but women would probably be roundly criticized for doing what he does-sampling languages and teaching them.

Can you imagine the comments a woman would get? My name is xsweiouoie, and I can teach you my language lllouiuoein. Some of them are academics, some are missionaries, some come from multilingual families, some are immigrants, and some have stories the world has not heard yet.

There are female polyglots, Claude.

Polyglot project

December Aineko Australia "I'm sure that some people will say I'm wrong, but I'm defending the modesty of intelligent women who like languages here.

I don't care about marriage, I don't care about how many relationships someone had in their life, I don't care what is seen as feminine and what is not But I do consider myself an intelligent women who likes languages and finds them fascinating.

Hopefully, one day I will also be a polyglot: The question why are there less female polyglots or why are they not seen is quite an interesting question, but you are stretching this modesty argument too far.

I do see two valid points in your post: December Aruba I know a female polyglott in Germany: Plus intermediate Mandarin Chinese and Modern Greek. Like Aineko said, though, your post comes off as patronizing - it attempting to "defend women's modesty", you're basically saying we can't do it ourselves assuming modesty is even something we'd all want to defend these daysthat we need a man to give us voice.

A bit offensive that, though I'm sure you didn't mean it to be. And does romance really play such a significant role in learning languages? I doubt most male polyglots acquire a girlfriend to go with every language they master, and I don't really follow the connection you draw between promiscuity and the speaking of many languages.

Prostitute is a pretty loaded word to be throwing around in this sort of context. I'm a woman and I like learning languages, but I don't know why my language learning has to be considered a specifically female endeavor.

Since I'm gay and, you know, date other women, it would be kind of difficult to fit me into your categories anyway. I also thought that my scope might be too narrow for people who like to discuss sexuality in broader and more modern terms, but my idea was to address Claude's youtube wondering where all the "girl" polyglots are.Polyglot?

What is a polyglot? Someone who is able to use multiple languages. I read an interesting article this evening on the subject. As I am a strong advocate of learning foreign languages, I thought I would share it with you. The Polyglot electronic dictionary system also has games to facilitate the learning of foreign languages.

Polyglot project

The system's software fully supports and is based on the new UniCode standards of Azeri. Internet Polyglot is dedicated to helping our members learn foreign languages by providing them a way to memorize words and their meanings. This helps your memory to grasp more information and retain it for longer time.

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The Polyglot Project. likes. Blog for everyone who tries to learn foreigner languages! Polyglot comes with an extended version of the CUP parser called PPG (for Polyglot Parser Generator). PPG adds features for inheriting and extending a grammar with new symbols, nonterminals, and productions, and also for removing grammar features.

viii / POLYGLOT: HOW I LEARN LANGUAGES “The most multilingual woman” Dr. Kató Lomb (–) has been called “possibly the most accomplished polyglot in .

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