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Oration for his House. Vatinius; called also, the Examination of P. Cicero, soon after his consulship, had purchased the house of Marcus Crassus on the Palatine Hill, which adjoined that in which he had always lived with his father; it was one of the finest houses in Rome, and cost him nearly thirty thousand pounds, and was joined to the colonnade or portico called by the name of Catulus, who had built it out of the Cimbric spoils on that area where Flaccus formerly lived, whose house had been demolished by public authority for his seditious union with Caius Gracchus.

Oration pieces

We also hope this page will serve as a starting place for those seeking to try their hand at locating the elusive Twin Sisters which have been lost for well over years.


The Famous Twin Sisters There is an old story about two fond parents who were watching the passing of a military company, in the ranks of which their son was marching.

All these stories spoke of the "Twin Sisters" as iron pieces. Some gentlemen made extensive excavations near Harrisburg, where they were said to be buried, but the search was fruitless. Obviously it was impossible to search Galveston Bay, but the Washington story could be investigated and I did so, with the result that I am informed by those in authority that there were no such cannon either in the museum or anywhere else in Washington.

Aside from the historical interest in the subject I was attracted to it by the fact that when I was a boy there were two brass six pounders, known as the "Twin Sisters," that stood for many years on the northwest side of market square.

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They were beautiful guns and each bore this inscription, engraved just in front of the vent: To the boys of that day the "Twin Sisters" were as familiar objects on market square as are Dick Dowling's monument and the fountain to those of the present day.

These guns were used by a Confederate battery during the war, but in or I saw one of them near the land office in Austin and read the inscription on it. Up to that time I was sure that I was the only man in the company who was keeping step and that all the others were wrong.

Then I read Governor Frank Lubbock's Memoirs and when I found there an account of the iron guns known as the "Twin Sisters" being turned over to Texas by Louisiana during the war, I began to wonder if I had not best catch up with the others.

That two guns known as the "Twin Sisters" were used by the Texans at San Jacinto is a matter of history, but whether those guns were the iron pieces presented by General Chambers is the question, for now there can be no doubt that there were four guns in existence instead of two.

Thus instead of settling the question it becomes more involved for all four are not only lost, but when, if ever, they may chance be found, it will have to be determined whether they are genuine or not. That the "Twin Sisters" that were so long in market square were brass pieces I know beyond a doubt, and the fact can be proven by Colonel W.

Stafford of Galveston, Mr. Owen Cochran and Mr. Henry Thompson of Houston and no doubt by others who were raised in Houston, whose names escape me just now. When the war broke out these cannon were turned over to some Confederate company, but I know nothing of their history during the war.

I do remember the last time they, or rather one of them was fired before the war. It was inwhen Sam Houston was elected governor. Because of his pronounced Union views many of his former friends opposed him and he had a hard fight. When the news of his election was received, his friends got the "Twin Sisters" with the intention of firing a salute in honor of his victory.| LIBANIUS' FUNERAL ORATION UPON THE EMPEROR JULIAN.

Oration pieces

RIGHT were it, my friends, that the thing for which I and all mankind were praying, had been accomplishedthat the power of the Persians had ere this been overthrown; that Romans, in the place of Satraps, were governing and administering their country according to our laws; that our temples at home should be decorated with .

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