Old man and the sea term

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Old man and the sea term

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Term Papers Tagged With: The novel takes place mostly outdoors and at sea. Santiago makes a living off of the sea. He also feels a strong connection with both the sea and nature.

Santiago uses the sea to take his mind off the pain he experiences in his body, but the sea is also what causes that pain.

Old man and the sea term

In the beginning of the novel, he was depicted as old but cheerful. Everything about him was old, except for his eyes. They were the same color as the sea, cheerful, and undefeated.

Yet later in the novel, his vision got blurry because he was sick, dehydrated, and worn out because of his struggle with the large marlin.

This was nature's examination. The Old Man and The Sea: Santiago as an Image of Christ Introduction Similar, Jesus Christ struggled to carry the cross on his shoulders up to While at sea, Santiago speaks to all the birds that pass because of Unlike many others, the old man loves and respects the sea, because he sees its beauty.

Despite the struggle the sea creates for him, he knows that it only creates hardships because it can not prevent them. The old man also uses nature to calm himself down, so he stops worrying about the hunger and pain Hemingway This quote shows that anyone can overcome the easy times, but it takes courage and strength to overcome the rough times.

Santiago is an old fisherman in Cuba,who has gone eighty-four days without a fish. But none of these scars were fresh. However, his cheerful eyes, that are the color of the sea, show his youthfulness, and his hope.

This hope, youthfulness, and determination is what helps him overcome adversity and go out fishing after 84 day of unluckiness and catch a marlin.In The Old Man and the Sea, the book was written from the point of view of Santiago, the character that was alienated.

Open Document Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper. Sep 25,  · does anyone know what the phrase 'take out a line' means? ive looked for ages and can only find 'take-out' which is to do with boats, not a line.

thanx. Watch video · Although the Old Man is supposed to be way out at sea and all alone, at around a small boat with a person on it can clearly be seen between the old man's body and his left arm. Apparently the previous wide shot (Old Man in boat) is reused as background for a following close shot of the Old Man.

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Enjoy marine life, loungers on your private deck, or a romantic dinner on the beach. The Old Man and the Sea is a great story that deals with perseverance and I encourage you to read it. c. Like the old man said after the sharks at his marlin “ a man can be destroyed but not defeated”.

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