Marketing of harley davidson essay

Founded out of a small shed in by William S. The Motor Company produces traditional cruiser motorcycles utilizing air-cooled V-Twin engines. When Harley and Davidson produced and sold their first motorcycle inthey were one of many small motorcycle marques springing up across the country.

Marketing of harley davidson essay

In the following Marketing of harley davidson essay of business, the Harley Davidson business has endured the peaks and troughs of economies to be recognized as an iconic brand in the motorcycle industry.

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After breaking records on the race track, Harley Davidson secures contracts to supply motorcycles American military during World War II, exposing thousands of servicemen to the Harley Davidson brand. Through clever marketing and positioning, Harley Davidson has shed the bearded biker image, and now appeals to people from varying backgrounds all over the globe.

Oliver as cited in Source discusses the aspects of developing customer loyalty, and four elements that are necessary in order to do this; 1. The product must be subject to adoration or focused commitment. The product must have the ability to be embedded in a social network.

The firm must be willing o expend resources to create the village Source, The discussions in the following report will establish without doubt that Harley Davidson has in fact achieved a remarkable level of customer loyalty. By creating this loyalty Harley Davidson engages their customers and enables them to focus on developing long term relationships with them.

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Economic Factors Important to Harley-Davidson

In reality they are not Just selling motorcycles, they are creating images of a lifestyle; the motorcycle is merely a representation of this image. The motorcycle does not project the image; it fills the image.

Situational Analysis Strengths Harley Davidson is fortunate to hold a market position that boasts multiple strengths and opportunities that potentially outweigh their threats and weaknesses. This is a promising trend in economically uncertain times.

The brand recognition of Harley Davidson continues and remains a distinct advantage over its competition, especially in the American market.

In recent years, Harley Davidson has made a concerted effort in targeting a wider range of customers with their range of motorcycles. By the end of Harley Davidson has also become the number 1 seller of heavy weight motorcycles to women, Hispanics and African- Americans.

Another success has been in a market of which they had been previously criticized for not targeting well, young adults between the ages ; as of they now hold that number 1 position as well HAD, There is little doubt that the real success in target marketing has been the development of the Harley Owners Group HOG.

HOG membership is given with all purchases of a new Harley Davidson motorcycle; affording the members benefits such as roadside assistance, HOG magazine, Fly and ride rental deals, touring information and event information. It is one million people around the world united by a common passion: Although the USA market is very strong for Harley Davidson, they are making slow progress in gaining market share in the international market.

Opportunities One of Harley Davidson biggest opportunities is intrinsically linked to its major weakness. Internationally there is a large bit of a very big pie that Harley Davidson has not managed to attain.

This ranking indicates that no one competitor owns the heavy weight market in Europe and suggests that the customer loyalty amongst the competitors is far from what Harley Davidson enjoys in the USA. Having achieved the number one ranking for sales to women, Harley Davidson still have a large potential customer base in attracting more women riders.

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Threats Aside from the usual threats posed by competitors in the heavyweight market, Harley Davidson will face the same threat that looms for most manufacturers… Economic uncertainty.

Although the current economic situation in the USA is unlikely to threaten the current Harley Davidson market share in its core market; it may certainly threaten its financial stability. The loyal customers in the USA may not turn away from Harley Davidson, but they will be more likely to delay their planned upgrades and apparel purchases.

The economic threats in the international market may pose a more serious threat to Harley Davidson. Not only are there financial pressures present in all international markets, but they are more susceptible to fluctuations in foreign exchange rates.

If these pressures cause Harley Davidson dealers to close their doors it can lead to a downward pressure on motorcycle prices, reduced retail coverage, reduced servicing capabilities and a general negative impression on Harley Davidson as a brand.

The viewer is left with a clear understanding that Harley Davidson is not Just about selling motorcycles; they are selling visions and lifestyles. It is interesting to note that even Joanne Bushman has been sold on this; she explains bluntly that she would rather give up most other things than her Harley.

It is also customary for other Harley Davidson executives to attend HOG rallies, enabling them o not only get a feel for their product, but develop an understanding of the people that purchase their product. Berry, There is little doubt that one of Harley Davidson greatest successes in its marketing strategies has been the conception of the Harley Owners Group H.

Harley-Davidson Offers Dream Internships for Students

G has given Harley Davidson continued and authorized access to their customers and helped the company to create a definite brand community. By establishing this brand community, H. The rallies and functions organized by H.

In doing this Harley Davidson has managed to deliver on the promises of benefits in their value proposition, making it a reality rather than Just words.

Harley Davidson has developed a customer loyalty that would make most manufacturers envious.

Marketing of harley davidson essay

Through clever strategic marketing Harley Davidson has established a quality product that provides the loyal consumer with exactly what they re seeking.

It wants to turn true friends into true believers who come back regularly and tell others about their experience with the company.Feb 07,  · In fact, sales of new Harley-Davidson motorcycles to outreach customers in the U.S.

has grown at a CAGR of 5% between , and retail sales to . Harley-Davidson Company essay words 1)Identification of organizational strengths and ecosystem conditions ( words) (Harley Davidson) 1) identification of marketing strengths.

Harley-Davidson required the active participation and commitment of its employees to help in eliminating unnecessary steps and complexity for the process and to bring more flexibility into the system. Also, Harley-Davidson can further develop its online marketing campaigns to take advantage of increasing support for e-commerce.

Based on opportunities for product development, it is recommended that Harley-Davidson should improve the green technology and environmental impact of its products. - Harley Davidson Case Analysis In , Harley Davidson was the world’s most profitable motorcycle company. They had just released great earnings and committed to achieve earnings per share growth of % for each of the next three years.

Download file to see previous pages This study aims to provide a complete marketing plan and strategy for bringing Harley on the UK market segment. The plan is to include marketing principles, tools and models to bring effective outcomes for the future market growth and valuation.

Harley-Davidson Offers Interns the Summer of a Lifetime