How to write a death announcement to coworkers

Death notices and obituaries are two words that many use interchangeably, in reality though, these words hold very different meanings. What is a Death Notice? A death notice in its most basic form is an announcement that an individual has passed away. Death notices are paid announcements that appear in the obituary section of a newspaper.

How to write a death announcement to coworkers

I work for a small company, and it is up to me to notify employees that a coworker just died.

how to write a death announcement to coworkers

Customers and suppliers who worked closely with him must be told, as well. Is it okay to inform people via email?

What should I say? Do I have to include funeral details?

Death of a Co-worker: coping with grief in the workplace

In large organizations, managers, supervisors, or department heads usually inform employees or associates of the death and follow specific guidelines from Human Resources. Spreading the word tends to be more informal in small companies or firms because employees can feel like a family.

Yet be aware of basic caveats. Number one is making sure next of kin have been informed before issuing an announcement. Be certain of the facts, as well.

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For others, an email announcement is fine. One option would be: Mitch Smith was killed in a collision on Route 28 last night. If the funeral will be private, say so.

The process is similar when informing members of a golf, tennis or book club or other group about the death of a fellow member.

I recently received an email announcing that a member of my bridge club died — someone who had been ill on and off for a long time. I know you were a devoted friend to him.

I send sincere condolences.

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But even if you’re advised to conform, there should be nothing to stop you from wording your loved one’s death announcement in the way that you want. However you should, of course, bear in mind that most . Funeral Invitations.

how to write a death announcement to coworkers

Long gone are the days when a newspaper obituary was the only formal announcement of a loved one's death and burial. Today, family, friends and acquaintances receive various types of funeral invitations announcing not only an individual's death, but his or her impending burial or interment.

Perhaps it will help you when someone you know - a client, a colleague, a coworker or a friend - loses a loved one. It is important to do something.

Many of us are so uncomfortable with death that.

Sample letter notifying of death

My coworker's father passed away. The following day, an employee from HR sent out an office-wide email with the obituary and viewing details with the coworker's permission, and started a fund for a flower arrangement to be sent by the office.

The [name] family announce with great sadness the loss of their beloved father [name] on [date].


A funeral service will be held on [date] at [time] at the [location]. The [name] family are sad to announce that [name] died peacefully on [date].

A manager could get a call directly from an employee who has had a death in the family, or he might even be the person to deliver the bad news to the employee.

The employee should be called into a separate room without making a big announcement in front of other staff members.

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