Going to the moon nino ricci

The teacher of the narroter Miss Johnson is described in detail, to give us a sense as to why ALL the boys liked her. This is significant since this is the only thing in common. This is the only way he fits in with everyone else. A short story is a written work, but usually under 10, words.

Going to the moon nino ricci

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His first novel, Lives of the Saints Cormorant,won the Governor General's Award for Fiction and numerous other awards, and became a national best-seller. He has also published stories and articles in a variety of magazines and journals, and taught English literature and Creative Writing in Canada and elsewhere.

His second novel, In a Glass House, which is also the second book in the trilogy that Lives of the Saints began, was published in Nino Ricci now lives in Toronto, and is a full-time writer.

I spoke with him after his February reading at the University of New Brunswick. MR Lives of the Saints is the first volume of a trilogy. For a first novel, or a first group of novels, that seems a very daunting format. Are there problems involved with working on such a big canvas? Do you lose track of things?

Going to the moon nino ricci

NR Well, the biggest problem is committing yourself to that much work and that long a time, having no idea at the outset whether you'll ever be published, whether the work has any value, whether it will ever see anything other than the inside of a drawer.

Certainly I wouldn't have started this project if I'd known I'd be working at it for this long--it was mainly foolish innocence that kept me going. I was working with Terry Byrnes at Concordia University when I began, and I remember telling him around"Terry I think it's going to take me another year to finish my trilogy.

Apart from the length of time, it is hard to hold that much material comfortably in one's head all at once-it's hard to carry through strands of imagery, motifs, and themes.

I'm trying to let it work as memory might. I didn't re-read Lives of the Saints until a few months ago, and I hadn't read it for almost three years at that point, so I was working a bit in the dark on the second book. Yet there were things from the first book which stuck out as salient to me, and I tied those in and referred back to them.

That seemed a useful way of doing the writing: I took whatever came to the top of my head, both aesthetically and thematically, instead of imposing things that didn't seem to arise spontaneously. So far that seems to be working. My biggest fear, when I was moving from the first book to the second, was about tone.

The tone has changed substantially in the second--though there are all sorts of justifications for that.

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I hope that someone reading the two will still be convinced that the narrator is the same person. If I had been able to write all three of them at once, and then make them consistent, perhaps that would have been better, but as it is, I'm stuck with the fact that I was at a certain stage in my writing in the first book, and I'm at a very different stage now--and will be at still another in the third.

But I've conceived a way to work that process in: MR Of course, Vittorio does presumably age, as character if not as narrator, so we'd expect a somewhat different voice to emerge. NR Yes, and there will also be a change in him as narrator.

At the end, there will be an epilogue where he talks about the writing process, what he's gone through, and so on.Free Essays on Nino Ricci Going To The Moon.

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1 through Nino Ricci was born in Leamington, Ontario, to parents from the Molise region of Italy, and completed university studies in Toronto, Montreal, and Florence, Italy. Nurturing Catholic Community Curriculum Connections – Grade 12 English Going to the Moon Author: Nino Ricci Nino Ricci tells the story of an Italian family who settle in Windsor, Ontario during the.

In “Going to the Moon”, by Nina Ricci, symbolism is used to illuminate the themes and provide a deeper meaning to the short story. The teacher in the short story, Miss Johnson is the most important symbol.

Plot and Characters Setting, Atmosphere and Theme Imagery Symbols and Motifs "Going to the Moon" by Nino Ricci Plot Summary • Story follows a young boy from an Italian family growing up in Windsor.

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NINO RICCI: A Big Canvas. Interview by Mary Rimmer. Nino Ricci was born in Leamington, Ontario, and holds degrees from York University and Concordia University.

His first novel, Lives of the Saints (Cormorant, ), won the Governor General's Award for Fiction and numerous other awards, and became a national best-seller. He has also published stories and articles in a variety of magazines .

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