Global supply chain management business essay

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Global supply chain management business essay

Supply Chain Management At A Global Level Introduction The oil and gas industry operates under a complex supply chain that is from the manufacturers point to the consumer.

This industry has a classic model for influence and organization proposition of using sophisticated oil and gas supply chains. The business exists in sections across worldwide regions with the objective of tapping oil and gas reserves. Consequently, the oil field service corporations are raising their international standards mainly to ensure they are in tandem with other global operations.

The conformist industry cycle begins during the exploration phase and connects through other phases before it gets to the final consumer.

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The border within the phases shows various distinct corporations where output of one company is the input of another company. According to this statement the efficiency and effectiveness of a supply chain is centrally, significant in determining accomplishment of any corporation thus it is crucial that the supply chains are well restricted and administered.

This description emphasizes on the approach of Supply Chain Management of Schlumberger by drawing an analysis of the row Supply Chain Management in the oil regions Chima, These reserves would be adequate to satisfy the demand for oil and gas worldwide for a period to come.

The key challenge that the oil and gas corporations face is tapping the existing oil and gas resources and enabling it reach the final consumer at an affordable price.

This is only achievable through an effective and efficient supply chain, which is rooted in management.

Global supply chain management business essay

As a number of corporations, globally have been successful in establishing a global supply chain they have failed in establishing a productivity culture, regulation, and thus ultimate satisfaction. One of these corporations includes Schlumberger.

Global supply chain management business essay

Currently the corporation offers job opportunities having a staff inventory of seventy seven thousand employees with distinct nationalities. In addition, their operations are underway in 80 distinct countries in the world Agency, Schlumberger conducts its business through 33 Geo-market regions, which are segmented into four geographical areas, Latin America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East region.

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The Geo-market makes available a single point where customers can meet and thus able to connect with other geographical teams. This enables the team to be able to satisfy local demands and give customer solutions.

The oil field business is a rapidly evolving business and is in eighty distinct countries. Schlumberger oil and gas industry has had difficulties in meeting its managerial objectives, which is being a global leader in Supply Chain Management Mentzer, et al.

This management scope is in two groups, one is the factor of cost, which is crucial to the supply chain of any corporation and more specifically with the current economic uncertainty.

Second, is the significance of having a normal organization and execution across the corporation that is based on methodical approach for the administration team.

Sample Statement of Purpose - Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Management Application essay: Supply Chain Management Since high School, it has been my dream to contribute not only in the matters national economy but also in the international economy.
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This would enable the company deal with the managerial disputes like transition and physical influence in relation to the supply chain administration, which exist around the distinct geographic constituencies.

The objective of this paper is to have an over view of the output regulation system and its management. In addition, this paper addresses key aspects in the oil and gas supply chain and the physical association of resources but in consideration of the regulation mechanisms utilized in administering the knowledge worker.

It also provides solution to the management of sophisticated supply chain by addressing disputes that have been highlighted above and include considerations towards the managerial organization of the corporations. Supply Chain administration at Schlumberger Exploration phase-Production-Refining-Marketing-Consumer The oil and gas industry activity begins at the exploration phase and then moves on through a range of stages indicated above which includes transfer of commodity from one point of the supply chain to the next and the final point is when the commodity is delivered to the customer consumer.

These phases illustrate the connection points in the supply chain as they represent different entities in regard to the activity taking place.

Some of these activities include output regulation, distribution, transportation and marketing. Aside from this long-term preparation, which is at the core of the oil and gas industry is because of the cost proposition connected with the time dependency in oil and gas business activity Chima, The business activities of Schlumberger are based on investigation and manufacture operations.The Logistics and Supply Chain Toolkit provides practical, take-away tools for warehouse, inventory and transport managers to apply to the day-to-day challenges of logistics and supply chain management.

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The supply chain is one of many pieces critical to maximizing value to the end customer and requires close management to minimize external impacts.

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