Business planning workshop activities on leadership

Informing This is just a sample chart. If there are any other behaviors or skills that you would like to add to the assessment, feel free! Look over the chart and reflect on your leadership training and skills thus far.

Business planning workshop activities on leadership

Follow Up Questions Is there a gap between how you should spend your energy and how you actually spend it? Are there some behaviors that are taking up too much of your leadership time? Are there some strategies that you can employ that would move you closer to your ideal distribution of behavior?

Some groups may want to calculate behavior totals to see how their peers are spending their energy. From the third column it is easy to move into a discussion about "ideal" leader distribution of energy.

You may also use this same format with both meeting and team interaction. Added thoughts or considerations: Since this activity helps participants see what they are actually doing, it helps them translate leadership theory into real behavior.

Once participants review their charts it is easier for them to design strategies to align their leadership behavior. Your Leadership Calendar Author: Tom Siebold is a writer and consultant in Minneapolis. He is also co-owner of Collegegrazing.

To extend leadership learning beyond the workshop. How the author has used this exercise: This exercise is a good follow up or homework activity. Ask the participants to mark twelve different days on their calendar spread out over four or six months.

At the end of each marked day, participants should write down some leadership behavior either positive or negative that they exercised during that day.

Each behavior should be followed by a reaction statement that answers two questions: On each marked day, the participant can send his or her personal leadership comments to a selected partner from the original workshop. This is a good method for accountability and feedback.

I almost always use the strategy in the Options section above. By having them contact a selected partner from the workshop, it puts a little pressure on them to follow through.

Leadership Dance Card Author: To encourage participants to talk to one another about specific leadership best practices How the author has used this exercise: Very simply, I use this activity to get participants to share best practices.

This format will work with almost any professional topic.Planning a great workshop needn't be an overwhelming experience. This article gives step-by-step instructions for planning a great event.

business planning workshop activities on leadership

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Easy-To-Follow Processes. ’ will, with the help of their team, go through a structured process of brainstorming, issue analysis, and action planning to achieve a plausible solution to their issue.

Read More. Strategic Workforce Planning is the analytic, forecasting, and planning process that connects and directs talent management activities ensuring an organization has the proper human resource capital to execute its business strategy.

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