An introduction to the life of travis roy

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An introduction to the life of travis roy

History of Country Music Southern States: Many of those regions were not settled untiland then they were settled by very poor immigrants, thus creating a landscape of rather backwards communities, still attached to their traditions but also preoccupied with the daily struggle for survival.

Ina radio station based in Georgia WSM was the first to broadcast folk songs to its audience. The recording industry started dividing popular music into two categories: Country music was steaming ahead. Labels flocked to the South to record singing cowboys, and singing cowboys were exhibited in the big cities of the North.

Country music was a federation of styles, rather than a monolithic style. The musical styles were reminiscent of their British ancestors. The lyrics, on the other hand, were completely different. The Americans disliked the subject of love, to which they preferred pratical issues such as real-world experiences ranching, logging, mining, railroads and real-world tragedies bank robberies, natural disasters, murders, train accidents.

Ironically, as more and more blacks abandoned the banjo and adopted the guitar, the banjo ended up being identified with white music, while the guitar ended up being identified as black music. For example, Hobart Smith learned to play from black bluesman Blind Lemon Jefferson, but went on to play the banjo while Jefferson played the guitar.

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The role of these instruments was more rhythmic than melodic, because most performances were solo, without percussion. Some regions added their own specialties such as the accordion in Louisianabut mostly white music was based on stringed instruments.

Miller was, by far, the most prolific, writing thousands of hillbilly songs. Hillbilly musicians also dealt with the opposite genre, the novelty song: Very few of these singers were of country origins: Vernon Dalhart, Carson Robison and Bob Miller were New York singers who became famous singing hillbilly songs and sometimes composing them, as in the case of Robison and Miller.

The real country musicians had been known mainly for their instrumental bravura. A national fiddle contest had been organized in Georgia already in by the Old Time Fiddlers Organization. If these two already used the banjo as much more than a mere rhythmic device, Dock Boggs was perhaps the first white banjoist to play the instrument like a blues guitar in he recorded six plantation blues numbers and Sugar Baby, that was rockabilly ante-litteram.

Sam McGee was one of the first to play the guitar like a bluesman, starting with Railroad Blues Un until the late s, hillbilly artists were considered comedians as much as musicians. Many of them had a repertory of both songs and skits.

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The Skillet Lickers were probably instrumental in creating the charisma of the country musician, as opposed to the image of the hillbilly clown. The Hawaian steel guitar, invented by Joseph Kekuku around in Honolulu, was a late addition to the line-up of string bands.

Hawaiian steel-guitar virtuoso Frank Ferera toured internationally. The craze subsided in the s, but the steel guitar first recorded by a hillbilly musician in would become more and more popular in the repertory of country music.

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The first stars of the hillbilly genre were the members of the Virginia-based Carter Family, basically a vocal trio Sara on lead vocals and autohapr, Alvin on bass vocals, and Maybelle on alto vocals and on guitar that started out in and first recorded in Unlike their peers, who emphasized the instrumental sound, the Carter Family focused on songs.

Ironically but also tellinglyJimmie Rodgers became the first star of this very white phenomenon by being the most influenced by the very black music of the blues.

The year he died was a watershed year for country music. Rodgers was influential in creating the myth of the Far West, which had already been fueled by the cowboy songs of Carl Sprague and Goebel Reeves.

Originally, country music was mainly from the Southeastern states Virginia, Tennesse, Kentucky and neighboring states. But now the audience was becoming fascinated with the Southwestern states Texas and neihboring states.

The romantic allure of the mountain dweller was slowly being replaced by the romantic allure of the roaming cowboy. In the meantime, two new styles were emerging: And two instruments debuted in those years that would become the staple of rock bands: Adolph Rickenbacker invented the electric guitar and Laurens Hammond invented the Hammond organ.

The steel guitar was electrified shortly afterwards, and enthusiastically embraced by country musicians another sign that the trend was away from the mountain purists.Yahoo Lifestyle is your source for style, beauty, and wellness, including health, inspiring stories, and the latest fashion trends.

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Lee Roy, too, had walked down to the end of the rink.

An introduction to the life of travis roy

He replayed the missed check in his mind. Travis had wanted to pop somebody right off, to show that he belonged. Someone came up to Lee and said, "Are you Mr. Roy? Travis wants to talk to you." Lee shuffled onto the ice, hoping his son had suffered a broken arm or a separated shoulder.

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