An analysis of no fault auto insurance

If your windshield needs to be replaced, you normally will have some out-of-pocket costs, in the form of your deductible.

An analysis of no fault auto insurance

He was a very brainy child, kind of a nerd, and he would take biopsies of her tumors and go to our local university, Saginaw Valley State University, every night and work in the labs. And slowly the recovery came back. He was in a coma for two months.

When he woke up, his brain was permanently damaged. Every car in Michigan has to have no-fault auto insurance. Among the proposed changes: Because while they get reimbursed by the catastrophic claims fund once medical costs go over half a million dollars, they're on the hook for the charges before that cap is reached.

Now, the state Legislature is fast-tracking a new bill that would cut a lot of those costs. It would put a cap on how much doctors are allowed to bill auto insurers for the care provided to people like Sam Howell.

Randy Janczyk, who runs the trauma center at Beaumont Hospital. Janczyk is far right. Credit Kate Wells Dr. Janczyk says Medicare reimbursements often don't even cover what it costs the hospital to treat Medicare patients.

And that trauma patients often need far more expensive and intensive types of care than Medicare offers. Meanwhile, Michigan's hospital association is freaking out over these possible cuts. Janczyk says that will have a big effect on what kind of trauma care we have in Michigan for anyone, not just car crash victims.

If we don't have these monies in place, the way it's been funded, it can have a detrimental effect on the whole system. He runs the Insurance Institute of Michigan. And he says look, all they're trying to do with this law is make things fair. But with the no fault law? The auto insurers have to pay whatever doctors want.

And that's leading to them being way overcharged, for, say, a CT scan. We think if we can reduce the charges, make 'em a little more in line with what everybody else pays, that our consumers will benefit from lower premiums as a result of that.

And if there's not an applicable Medicare charge for that, then obviously that has to be negotiated between the health care provider and the insurer. What's to guarantee that auto insurance companies wouldn't just say, no we're not covering it?

Nothing in the bill clarifies this, or even says the negotiations have to happen in the first place. Meanwhile Sam Howell and his mom, Maureen, are worried that the insurance companies could interpret these new changes to be retroactive.About A.M. Best.

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An analysis of no fault auto insurance

Get a free quote today. Apr 28,  · Last year, people died in Michigan car crashes, according to the state police.. Another 71, were injured.

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Some of those injuries were catastrophic, leaving people with lifelong brain damage, in wheelchairs, or hooked up to ventilators. Jan 16,  · The Michigan legislature is considering bills to end the state’s mandatory no-fault auto insurance.

Its supporters say it will give consumers more choices and help reduce cost of auto insurance. Oct 09,  · If you have a question, want further information on the NICB, or to discuss insurance fraud or vehicle crime, please contact: Frank Scafidi Director of Public Affairs.

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