Admodereadwrite aspergers syndrome

These children experience significant problems with the development of language and communication skills. A symbol-based communication system called Picture Exchange Communication System PECS is widely used to address this issue and evidence indicates this approach can be effective when administered by trained professionals Preston and Carter, Technology appears to offer an alternative way of encouraging non-verbal children with autism to use symbol-based communication to improve social interaction and communication.

Admodereadwrite aspergers syndrome

He also tends to have an obsessive focus on one topic or perform the same behaviors again and again. It is now part of a broader category called autism spectrum disorder ASD.

This group of related mental health issues shares some symptoms. The condition is what doctors call a "high-functioning" type of ASD. This means the symptoms are less severe than other kinds of autism spectrum disorders.

Doctors use it to describe people who have trouble talking and writing, but have normal intelligence. Symptoms They start early in life. Another sign is that your child may show admodereadwrite aspergers syndrome emotions. Or he may speak in a flat, robotic kind of way. Continued If your child has the condition, he may talk about himself most of the time and zero in with a lot of intensity on a single subject, like rocks or football stats.

He might also do the same movements over and over. He also may dislike change. For instance, he may eat the same food for breakfast every day or have trouble moving from one class to another during the school day. How You Get a Diagnosis If you notice signs in your child, see your pediatrician.

He can refer you to a mental health expert who specializes in ASDs, like one of these: He diagnoses and treats problems with emotions and behavior. He treats conditions of the brain. He specializes in speech and language issues and other developmental problems.

He has expertise in mental health conditions and can prescribe medicine to treat them. The condition is often treated with a team approach. What symptoms does he have, and when did you first notice them? When did your child first learn to speak, and how does he communicate?

admodereadwrite aspergers syndrome

Is he focused on any subjects or activities? Does he have friends, and how does he interact with others? Your doctor might need to try a few therapies to find one that works.


In groups or one-on-one sessions, therapists teach your child how to interact with others and express themselves in more appropriate ways. Social skills are often best learned by modeling after typical behavior.

Continued Cognitive behavioral therapy CBT. It helps your child change his way of thinking, so he can better control his emotions and repetitive behaviors. Parent education and training.

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The therapist will use praise or other "positive reinforcement" to get results. Some medicationsthough, can help with related symptoms like depression and anxiety.

Your doctor may prescribe some of these: Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors SSRIs Antipsychotic drugs Stimulant medicines With the right treatment, your child can learn to control some of the social and communication challenges he faces.

He can do well in school and go on to succeed in life.1 Design and evaluation of a CAL system to support communication development in children with autism Paul John Herring BSc IT & Comp (Open) A thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy Of the Open University September Department of Computing and Communications Faculty of Mathematics, Computing and Technology The Open University 1.

2 2. Asperger's syndrome, also known as Asperger disorder or Asperger syndrome, is one of a group of neurodevelopmental disorders that have effects on an individual's behavior, use of language and communication, and pattern of social interactions.

I am an adult and I think I may have Asperger’s Syndrome (AS). How and why should I get diagnosed if in fact I do have AS?

Adults who may have Asperger's Syndrome: . Asperger syndrome (AS), also known as Asperger's, is a developmental disorder characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication, along with restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests.

At present, Asperger’s Syndrome cannot be cured. However, with help, many people with Aspergers go on to lead normal lives and even excel in numerous ways.

Many people believe that asking whether Aspergers can be cured implies it is a disease, and they argue it is not.

What Are The Long-Term Outcomes?

It is an alternative way of thinking and perhaps does not need to be cured. Today, Asperger's syndrome is technically no longer a diagnosis on its own. It is now part of a broader category called autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This group of related mental health issues.

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