A comparison of the journal of john smith and the disney movie pocahontas

A lot of discussions about the striking resemblance of the plots of both movies have dominated the Internet, with people suddenly becoming critics and observers. Avatar-the tale of humanity's weaknesses, and a humanoid race's battle for survival and distinction, and Pocahontas-the story about a strong and determined Native American woman, a story which, by the way, is inspired by real events: If you feel you have been left in the dark about this entertaining trivia, then reading this article might help.

A comparison of the journal of john smith and the disney movie pocahontas

By Charlotte Cushman Yesterday was the anniversary of the landing at Jamestown How many people know the story of its survival, a story that reflects our American heritage?

I am firm in my conviction that children should know the history of their own country and I find it sad and frightening that multiculturalism is making headway in education. We have a rich, wonderful heritage with many meaningful events that need to be shared with our children.

One of the most remarkable stories is the story of Pocahontas. May 13, marks the date that male English settlers arrived at a site they named Jamestown and established the first successful English settlement in the New World. Pocahontas, along with the leadership of Captain John Smith, was instrumental in this accomplishment.

The Real Pocahontas

Children today are pretty unaware of what really happened, typically the only real exposure they have is from the Walt Disney movie, Pocahontas, where the story is totally distorted. In the Walt Disney film, the Europeans are portrayed as evil, coming to the New World only in search of gold and the desire to kill Indians.

The Indians, on the other hand, are all portrayed as benevolent and good, living simply and peacefully. When Pocahontas meets Captain John Smith they fall in love, but she finds fault with him for being racist and lectures him with a song.

Later while the Englishmen are out hoping to annihilate the Indians and confiscate their gold, Kocoum attacks Captain John Smith and is killed by another Englishman. Thinking that Smith killed Kocoum, he is captured and sentenced to die.

The audience is then treated to a song called "Savages. The only thing they feel at all is greed.

A comparison of the journal of john smith and the disney movie pocahontas

Pocahontas resolves to stop the war and as Smith is about to be killed, she throws herself upon him as the axe is about to fall.

Her father, touched by her love for Smith, calls off his warriors and the English soldiers reciprocate. The governor of the English, Ratcliffe, however, grabs a gun and tries to shoot Powhatan when Smith throws himself in front of the chief and is seriously wounded.

He and Pocahontas tearfully separate as his only hope for recovery lies in returning to London for treatment. First of all, the English settlers came to America in search of freedom, not because they wanted to kill Indians and steal their gold.

Freedom was so important to the settlers that they endured many hardships and suffering such as fire, drought, Indian attacks, disease, starvation and death which wiped out half the colony. The Indians, on the other hand, were, for the most part, uncivilized and roamed the countryside warring with each other and other tribes.

They tortured and murdered prisoners with ceremonial dancing and feasts, scalped strangers, and annually sacrificed children chosen by witch doctors.

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They were doing this before white men ever appeared on the shore. Pocahontas was 10 years old when the English came to settle at Jamestown.

She was a happy child and was often laughing, singing and playing. She played with the young cabin boys and studied the tools they used. She was filled with wonder and admiration at what these strangers had accomplished as they were more advanced than her own people.

She was especially fascinated with the ax and what the colonists could do with it to make buildings.The Disney movie portrays Pocahontas placing her head atop Smith's to save him, but the circumstances of his capture were around the fact that he was taking the fall for killing Kocoum.


A Comparison between Disney Movie Pocahontas and The History of Virginia, a Narrative by John Smith the Disney movie called Pocahontas and the History of Virginia, a narrative by John Smith, very different from each other. Walt Disney Animated Pictures released the movie Pocahontas in It is known to be the very first of Disney's animated films to be based on an actual character, Pocahontas, a princess from a Native American tribe who eventually embraced Christianity.

These are some of the many differences between the movie Pocahontas and the journal by John Smith. In both the book and movie there is a man by the name of John Smith.

This man is a renowned and respected member throughout the colony in both of these stories. Pocahontas is a American animated musical romantic drama film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation for Walt Disney heartoftexashop.com 33rd Disney animated feature film, it was directed by Mike Gabriel and Eric Goldberg and is loosely based on the life of the Native American woman of the same heartoftexashop.com portrays a fictionalized account of her historical encounter with Englishman John Smith and Written by: Carl Binder, Susannah Grant, Philip LaZebnik.

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