10 interpretation of jose rizals poem essay

He had nine sisters and one brother.

10 interpretation of jose rizals poem essay

She puts the Country in the lofty seat Of endless glory, of dazzling glow, And just as the gentle aura's puff Do brighten the perfumed flower's hue: So education with a wise, guiding hand, A benefactress, exalts the human band. Man's placid repose and earthly life To education he dedicates Because of her, art and science are born Man; and as from the high mount above The pure rivulet flows, undulates, So education beyond measure Gives the Country tranquility secure.

Where wise education raises a throne Sprightly youth are invigorated, Who with firm stand error they subdue And with noble ideas are exalted; It breaks immortality's neck, Contemptible crime before it is halted: It humbles barbarous nations And it makes of savages champions.

And like the spring that nourishes The plants, the bushes of the meads, She goes on spilling her placid wealth, And with kind eagerness she constantly feeds, The river banks through which she slips, And to beautiful nature all she concedes, So whoever procures education wise Until the height of honor may rise.

From her lips the waters crystalline Gush forth without end, of divine virtue, And prudent doctrines of her faith The forces weak of evil subdue, That break apart like the whitish waves That lash upon the motionless shoreline: And to climb the heavenly ways the people Do learn with her noble example.

In the wretched human beings' breast The living flame of good she lights The hands of criminal fierce she ties, And fill the faithful hearts with delights, Which seeks her secrets beneficent And in the love for the good her breast she incites, And it's th' education noble and pure Of human life the balsam sure.

And like a rock that rises with pride In the middle of the turbulent waves When hurricane and fierce Notus roar She disregards their fury and raves, That weary of the horror great So frightened calmly off they stave; Such is one by wise education steered He holds the Country's reins unconquered.

His achievements on sapphires are engraved; The Country pays him a thousand honors; For in the noble breasts of her sons Virtue transplanted luxuriant flow'rs; And in the love of good e'er disposed Will see the lords and governors The noble people with loyal venture Christian education always procure.

And like the golden sun of the morn Whose rays resplendent shedding gold, And like fair aurora of gold and red She overspreads her colors bold; Such true education proudly gives The pleasure of virtue to young and old And she enlightens out Motherland dear As she offers endless glow and luster.

Our national hero, despite his young age, had expressed high regards for education. Education gives knowledge, knowledge gives wisdom. Great wisdom benefits everyone. His high regards for education was evident in his determination to seek the best education possible even across the shores of his country.

The Captivity and the Triumph: The Count of Cabra soon arrives In his strong arm he displays his saber, Like Death that lugubriously unfolds Her black wings of death and slaughter. Toward the troops of an impious race Like a lion he dashes eagerly ; As the radiant sun to the new-born day With him goes Don Diego anxiously.

Thus like the fleeing fugitive stag Evading the fleeting arrow The haughty heart so filled with fright, The Prophet's armies away go. But not so the ferocious cavalry, As shield its breast it exposes, With gallantry it awaits the fight To attack with utter harshness.

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With wrath and savage fury: His anguish on his face he shows With grit to the fleeing men speaks he: From whom do thee flee? With whom, hapless men, The stout heart to fight refuses? Them on one flank furious battle. He wounds, beheads, devastates, and assaults As a wolf does, the timid cattle.

The Muslim, stubborn and cruel Implores his Prophet vainly While against the Christians noble and strong, The spear and the rein tightens he. Amidst the fiery tumult of war There did the commander brave die: His soldiers now terrified and tired Flee before the Christian victors ; Just as away the timorous dear Run as the lion brave roars.

When the King, abandoned, finds himself And seeing escape isn't too soon, He gets down his horses terrified, And hides in the woods like a poltroon. Two unconquered Christians found him ; And by royal symbols detected, Instantly to Don Diego him they took Like a royal captive defeated.

There at Lucena the Christians' God Humbled down the arrogant's power Who wanted to tie with a heavy chain The Spaniard as downcast pris'ner. At 12 years old, Rizal was believed to have read El ultimo Abencerraje, a Spanish translation of Chateaubriand's.

In this poem, he described the defeat and capture of Boabdil, last Moorish sultan of Granada. The face pale, loose his hair, Tired eyes of frigid gaze, Head low, recumbent his face, The sad Muslim looks at his palaces.

The Muslim looks at them and abundant tears Bathe his eyes, a-flowing down his cheeks, And to the ceiling gilt and arabesque He turns again his weary gaze.

Sand and tearful he remembers then The Muslim exploits and the glorious jousts ; And comparing the present ills With the combats of past days, "Goodbye, Alhambra," he says; "Alhambra, goodbye, Abode of joy and abundant happiness ; Goodbye, palace full of pleasures, Inexhaustible fountain of delight.

Sad I leave you and now I'm going To cruel exile, of hardships full, In order not to see your towers high, Your fountains clear and rich abodes.Filipinos Rizal Essay Sample.

10 interpretation of jose rizals poem essay

Evils of Spain darkened the Philippine skies 1. Instability of colonial administration Filipinos- Capitan Justo Trinidad, former gobernadorcillo of Santa Ana, Manila and a refugee from Spanish tyranny, and Jose Albert, a young student from Manila.

Interpretation of Rizals . Interpretation of Rizal's My Last Farewell and To the Filipino Youth poems/ analysis.

Interpretation of Rizal's My Last Farewell and To the Filipino Youth poems/ analysis. Writing a Strong Essay.

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The Indolence of the Filipinos: Summary and Analysis La Indolencia de los Filipinos, more popularly known in its English version, "The Indolence of the Filipinos," is a exploratory essay written by Philippine national hero Dr.

Jose Rizal, to explain the alleged idleness of his people during the Spanish colonization. This poem tries to awaken the Filipino Youth, to love our country and respect people.

It also tells the significant role of the youth for the betterment of the country.

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We will write a custom sample essay on 10 Interpretation of Jose Rizal’s Poem specifically for you. A poem originally in Tagalog written by Rizal when he was only eight years old just praised He almost had a perfect life But for the sake of us he gave his life He is Dr.

Jose P. Rizal Our hero that we truly admire. Essay about Interpretation of Rizals Poem beginning stanza, Rizal encourages the youth, by telling them to hold their.

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